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Recognizing the world’s best technology companies, products and services that empower remote work around the globe.



In recent years, enterprise collaboration tools and specialty solutions that enable remote work have become a white-hot category for tech. Now, the opportunity is growing even faster than anyone ever imagined.

As remote work grows at an unprecedented rate, companies and workers around the world are challenged with the task of finding the right technology solutions that deliver the freedom to safely and productively work from anywhere.

The technology tools used to support remote work have a significant impact on the levels of trust, productivity, and effective communication. With the growing number of tools and services available on the market, how can you stand out in a crowded market?

As the world is now firmly in the midst of a transformative new era of work, revolutionized through BREAKTHROUGH digitization, data access, and mobile technologies applied across the entire business ecosystem, how can companies find the right technology tools?

The Remote Tech Breakthrough Awards aims to perform the most comprehensive evaluation of remote tech tools and companies today, with the goal of recognizing the BREAK THROUGH solutions.

We are passionate about what technology can do for the world and we are committed to providing a platform for recognition dedicated to standout Remote Technology companies, services and products throughout the world.

While remote work has increased slow and steady over the past decade, a new generation of innovators is bringing a better understanding of the massive potential for growth and opportunity associated with the adoption of remote technology tools.

With the explosive growth in the number of Remote Technology companies in the industry, how can you stand out in a crowded market? How do you break out from the industry noise?

Nominate for a Remote Tech Breakthrough Award today and BREAK THROUGH!

Nominate today for a Remote Tech Breakthrough Award!

The Remote Tech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top technology companies, solutions and products in the remote technology industry today.

36.2 million

By 2025, 32.6 million Americans will work remote by 2025


98% of workers want to work remote at least some of the time


93% of employers plan to continue conducting job interviews remotely

Remote Tech Breakthrough: Our Mission

The mission of the Remote Tech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of companies, technologies and products in the larger field of remote technology.

Remote Tech Breakthrough is part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, a leading global market intelligence and recognition platform for today’s most competitive categories of technology. Founded in 2014, Tech Breakthrough creates market intelligence and industry recognition programs for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to early-stage startups in today’s most competitive technology sectors.

The company’s expertise includes Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), CyberSecurity, Mobile & Wireless, Educational Technology (EdTech), Financial Services and Technology (FinTech), Digital Health & Medical Technology, Automotive & Transportation Technology, and Data Technology

Tech Breakthrough has worked with companies, including Intel, Cisco, Sprint, American Express, HP, Comcast, Philips, PayPal, Dell and other leading technology industry titans, as well as many of the leading startup companies in the world. Tech Breakthrough Award winners receive well-deserved recognition and third-party validation from an independent organization to help rise above the most crowded technology markets.

 Industry Recognition

Remote Tech Breakthrough winners receive well-deserved industry recognition and third-party validation from an independent organization. The program is open to all individuals, companies and organizations involved in producing publicly available products and services. To be eligible for the 2023 awards program an entry must have been produced or updated after February 26, 2022 (2-year window).

Earning the coveted Remote Tech Breakthrough Award provides compelling benefits.

  • Industry-wide recognition and media attention through Remote Tech Breakthrough press, influencer, social media, analyst and media outreach campaigns touting the honorees.
  • Remote Tech Breakthrough Award winner badge available to include on marketing materials (press release, social media, product packaging, advertising materials, etc.)
  • Remote Tech Breakthrough trophy to display in your exhibit at tradeshows, events and in your company’s trophy case. 

Remote Tech Breakthrough Awards are available in a comprehensive set of categories, including:


Messaging & Communication


Video Conferencing


Project Management


Events and Hosting


Collaboration and Documentation


Sourcing and Recruiting

Top RemoteTech Macro Trends for 2024

Remote work is strategic

Companies are requiring expertise in remote work and leadership positions that are focused on the future of their work strategies. Remote work strategy is crucial to businesses ongoing success in today’s evolving landscape.

Hybrid Work Approach

72% of businesses lack a detailed hybrid work strategy. Companies are adopting a hybrid approach allows people to choose the work location that best suits them, with the understanding that it may change.

Tools and Training

Companies are ensuring that their teams have the proper tools to communicate and cooperate effortlessly, both asynchronously and in real-time.
Abandoning clunky workarounds and inefficient processes in favor of setting up tech-savvy systems that are remote-friendly, from project management platforms and goal dashboards to instant messaging tools and virtual meeting solutions.

Work flexibility can lead to greater happiness.

More than three-quarters of professionals (77%) who can work where and when they are most productive are putting in more hours now than three years ago. Despite longer workdays, 46% report higher job satisfaction.

Employees have career opportunities, wherever they are.

Most managers (82%) who oversee hybrid teams feel in-office and remote employees have the same opportunities for career advancement. Yet, 42% of remote workers are concerned about being visible for project opportunities and promotions.

Some would sacrifice salary for more remote time.

Nearly one-third of workers who go into the office at least one day a week are willing to take a pay cut for the ability to do their job remotely all the time..

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RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards recognizes that many of the entries are internal or proprietary in nature, or are done for the government or another company, so unless you grant permission for your entries to be displayed in our winner’s gallery, only the judges will see your work.

Entries will not be returned unless special arrangements are made. No entrant information is sold, traded, made available to a third party or used for any other purpose.

Submission Period: February 26 – April 26, 2024

Complete and submit for your entry online by April 26, 2024. Emailed or hard copy submission forms will not be accepted.

You may submit the same product in multiple categories.